'photographs are memories that will never be forgotten'

I can't look back on my life and not see a time when I was not drawn to photography. I was always flipping through

the same photo albums and yearbooks at my grandmothers, taking pictures with friends, Historian of my high school DECA Club.

Before I was ever even a 'professional' photographer, I shot my first wedding in film! I genuinely love what I am blessed to do

and hope that my images live on long past my time, to give the future a small glimpse of the past!

It was after the loss of the person most dear to me that I realized just how important photography was to me.

I am grateful to have moments captured with her that I will treasure forever; I love and miss her every day...my Mom.

We all have gifts and talents, and God wants us to share them with the world!

Not only to bless us, but to bless others; to share His love and glory,

and I would love the opportunity to document you, and your amazing story!!

MSP est. 2010